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Chicago Real Estate

Here in chicago real estate is a hard market. You have to be johnny on the spot with your service. That is why here at selling real estate chicago that is our main focus.


186A business is nothing without this. Trust is the number one goal when trusting us to sell or buy your home in chicago or in the suburbs of chicago. That is why when you sign us up you have access to one of our reality specialist twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred sixty five days a year. We want you to be comfortable knowing that we have your best interest at hand.


colonial_house_clip_art_22753Loyalty is how we got our strong name selling real estate chicago. We will do what ever to make sure you return to us as a client over and over again. From dropping our commision rates when needed to staying late into the night to make a deal happen. We want you to be happy knowing that you have made a friend here for life.

k17156905We pride our self on this one. There was one house that was being sold here in the Chicago area and the couple that was selling it wanted to buy a house in the Arizona area. So we sold the house here and set them up with a realtor in Arizona. They were so happy that they contacted us the next year to buy a summer home in the suburbs. They told us they worked with us because the advise that we gave them when buying a house in Arizona was priceless.

There are a lot of items to consider when making a purchase for a house. Let us help give us a call and we will work no stop to get you the home that you are looking for. Above are the three items that we hold close to our heart and hope that when dealing with us that you see it.


Next month I will start to talk about the new changes that are coming around with us and the business. Also if you need help with your finances contact gandgwealth.

We hope to talk to you soon about what you need for your new home.



Talk to you soon