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As we are now in a rising real estate bubble again we all need to be careful of what is going on. As many of you know I am also a lawyer as well as a real estate agent. With that being said I have a few things to be said.

I cannot control the local market conditions.

I have to say this. Most people when they go to market they think that I control whether it is a seller's or buyer's market and of course this is not true. Knowing this can make a huge difference in the outcome.

Do not be emotional when selling.

If you are emotional when selling it will always bite you in the butt. You have to remember that it is just a piece of property and yes memories have been made there but you can take those with you, you are trying to get rid of the house. Nothing else.

Know what the market value of your home is.

Just because you want it to be worth more does not mean it will. If you overprice it you will never get rid of it and if you like I can show you the statistics and facts to display the evidence. Remember it is both of our jobs to get the house moved.

Be realistic when buying.

I understand that you want everything when you are purchasing a home but if you do not have the money/financing for it it is just that. You cannot have everything if you do not have the means of buying it. If you would like I can show you the comps in your area.

The neighborhood reputation.

Sometimes you have the dream house but not the dream neighborhood. I cannot move the home to the area that you would like. Knowing this you have to decide what weighs more in your mind the home or the neighborhood.

I know all of this is harsh but it is reality and I am here to help you purchase/sell your home. So lets work together to do the right thing

I have to say this. Make sure to save up for your home. You do not know how many people I see daily that want to purchase a home and they have not done there work and been saving up for their home. So I am going to give you some steps in this blog so when you go in to meet your real estate agent you know what to expect.

1. Decide how much time you want to spend before you get your home.

You have to decide on a time frame if you do not there will be no jumping off point and there for your "due by date". The next step is closely related to this one.

Decide how much home you can buy.

You need to know how much home you can afford. Most people that have not done this come in and want to look at the 1.5 million homes when all they can afford is 350,000. I do not want to disappoint anybody but I will have to if you do not find out how much home you can purchase.

Plan you budget out

Plan your budget out otherwise it will be spent on items like vacation or other items you can do without. Remember you are making an investment. Treat it as such.

Your tax refund... Save it!

When you come into some unexpected money put it aside. It will help you get there faster if you do.

Do not sabotage your emergency fund

Matter of fact have this before you start saving for your home. If you car breaks down or have to go to the hospital or any other unforeseen situations you need to have a back up.

Think about the resale and the long term

What is going to happen in the future? Are your parents getting old and need to live with you? Are you planning on having kids and if that is the case what about the school district? This being said all these items will help you stay in your home for the long term and also help you when you want to sell it again.

Look at the homeowner association before the purchase

Having a good homeowner association can make the difference between a great time in you community and a bad time. So ask to look at the contract before looking at the home so you know what you are getting into. Before hand.

Research all forms of funding

Make sure to look at different types of funding. It can really help from first time home owners to those that are going through a divorce. There are many types of "help" out there for everybody.

What about the area?

If you like the home research the area. Are all the homes around you rentals? Is the crime rate high? Are there a lot of child molesters in the area. All of these items should help you decide if you need to buy the home or not. So make sure to research the area.


The last thing is probably the most important item. You need to save for a down payment of 20% so do not even start looking till you get this amount. When you are close that is the time to start trying to find you home.

Here in chicago real estate is a hard market. You have to be johnny on the spot with your service. That is why here at selling real estate chicago that is our main focus.


186A business is nothing without this. Trust is the number one goal when trusting us to sell or buy your home in chicago or in the suburbs of chicago. That is why when you sign us up you have access to one of our reality specialist twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred sixty five days a year. We want you to be comfortable knowing that we have your best interest at hand.


colonial_house_clip_art_22753Loyalty is how we got our strong name selling real estate chicago. We will do what ever to make sure you return to us as a client over and over again. From dropping our commision rates when needed to staying late into the night to make a deal happen. We want you to be happy knowing that you have made a friend here for life.

k17156905We pride our self on this one. There was one house that was being sold here in the Chicago area and the couple that was selling it wanted to buy a house in the Arizona area. So we sold the house here and set them up with a realtor in Arizona. They were so happy that they contacted us the next year to buy a summer home in the suburbs. They told us they worked with us because the advise that we gave them when buying a house in Arizona was priceless.

There are a lot of items to consider when making a purchase for a house. Let us help give us a call and we will work no stop to get you the home that you are looking for. Above are the three items that we hold close to our heart and hope that when dealing with us that you see it.


Next month I will start to talk about the new changes that are coming around with us and the business. Also if you need help with your finances contact gandgwealth.

We hope to talk to you soon about what you need for your new home.



Talk to you soon